Warhammer 2 eltharion final battle

As fans of Warhammer lore might well expect, Eltharion the Grim will lead the High Elf faction of Yvresse, situated on the eastern coast of Ulthuan. More specifically, he will start in the region of Northern Yvresse, at least in the Eye of the Vortex campaign. Things are a little different in Mortal Empires, however, where Eltharion starts the game abroad, leading a crusade against the Greenskins. Instead of starting in Yvresse, he instead starts in the Southern Badlands, just north of the deserts of Khemri.

This alternate start could prove popular with players looking to try a High Elf campaign in a totally new location. He is primarily a melee-centric Legendary Lord. However, it should be noted that he is also a Wizard with full access to the Lore of High Magic. As for mounts, Eltharion will initially start on foot, then get access to a Barded Ithilmar Steed.

Finally, he will of course unlock his unique griffon mount, Stormwing, making him the only High Elf character who can ride a griffon.

This hatred of Greenskins is reinforced by a Faction Effect which imposes a massive diplomatic relations penalty with all Greenskins factions. The former is a system which allows him to interrogate captured enemy characters for a variety of bonuses and effects. Meanwhile, the latter provides his homeland with a veil of mist which grants bonuses to his armies in battle.

He recruits these units through a unique building chain which can be built in Athel Tamarha. Skip to content. Search for:. Matt Morgans 9 months ago Facebook. Older Posts.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements.

warhammer 2 eltharion final battle

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Inardesco View Profile View Posts. You can give Eltharion full stack of them, perfrm reasonably well. Originally posted by Inardesco :. Goatmanpig View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by mweilbuchner :.

Do not like their performance in battle. Either than that, i like most of them. They seem superior to Lothern Sea Guard. That is all I need to know to call them superbly excellent. They're horrifyingly OP and I love them for it. The normal ranged archers have basically unlimited ammo, the long ranged archers are basically using handheld siege weapons.

Faithbreakers aren't all that special, but their leadership is so high they literally fight to the last man. They pretty much just formed the meat shield in front of my archers, eating the hits from spells and rogue idols, the archers obliterated anything and everything coming within range.

Then when something gets into melee with the archers And anywhere it looked like the enemy were becoming a threat, my flying death squad would swoop in and save the day. I didn't even have any mirrored abilities on them, could have made them even more overpowered. Originally posted by General SnuSnu :. Zane87 View Profile View Posts.

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I tried them extensively now and after all upgrades and a good interrogation effect, they are scary. Great frontline - Sentinels are very long range archers that can debuff shields. They have low range and ammunition but their projectiles can hit more than 1 unit. They are surprisingly good, especially against armored infantry Knights now are very heavy hitting multiple model Griffin knights.

They delete enemy fliers or other large units. Unless more than half the enemies army has magic attack they can endure extreme punishment.

warhammer 2 eltharion final battle

Archers are a no issue, most infantry is a no issue, most cavalry is a no issue and only the tough ones remain tough. But those you can snipe anyway. Fendelphi View Profile View Posts. I obviously like them on Eltharion, but I also see their uses on other lords, for specialized roles. Faithbearers are pretty tough and hard hitting for mid-tier elven infantry.Many times has he achieved what would have been thought impossible. It was Eltharion who was the first of Ulthuan's generals to dare an assault on Naggarond itself and live to speak of it, and he who finally brought about the defeat of Waaagh!

For his valour in that battle, Eltharion was elected Warden of Tor Yvresse and, though he is a dour ruler, the people of that fair city love him dearly. Eltharion's early rule was split equally between scouring greenskins from the land, and overseeing repairs to Yvresse's network of waystones. In the first task, Eltharion was aided by the nobles of his realm, who rallied to his banner with an enthusiasm not seen for many long generations.

In the second, he sought the assistance of the Loremaster Belannaer. Though Eltharion had successfully stabilised the waystone of Tor Yvresse, he felt that luck had guided his hand rather more than judgement in that task, and he did not wish to see ill-fortune or rashness on his part destroy Ulthuan.

With his realm thus secured, Eltharion took his blade overseas; not to the chill shores of Naggaroth in the west, but east to the lands of the Old World and beyond.

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Yvresse had but barely endured the onset of one Waaagh! Atop his GriffonStormwing, Eltharion swept through the Badlands like a wind of blades. He slaughtered Warbosses and ran their armies to ruin. He toppled Orc fortresses that had survived earthquakes, Bretonnian crusades and the vengeance of the Dwarfs. Yet, miraculously, there always seemed more greenskins for him to fight.

The Final Battle

Finally, Eltharion learned the truth. His reputation had spread so far and wide that Warbosses were actually seeking his army, knowing that the "Pointy-'ead" would "give 'em a proper fight.

He now knew that to continue would not abate the greenskin threat. Returning to Yvresse, Eltharion began to train its armies and fortify its cities as never before. The next time a Waaagh! In the th year of the reign of the current Phoenix KingFinubar the SeafarerEltharion became the first High Elf ever to lead a successful raid against Naggarond and return alive. The High Elf army was small but Eltharion force-marched his followers through the bleak landscape of Naggaroth.

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He took many Dark Elf garrisons by surprise and razed them to the ground. On his Griffon, Stormwing, Eltharion himself rode down those that fled, and ensured that not one Dark Elf escaped to send word to the Witch King.

Thousands of Dark Elf warriors were cut down by the disciplined High Elf Spear regiments who advanced across the landscape. Patrols of Ellyrian Reavers worked in concert with Shadow Warrior bands, ambushing enemy messengers and sowing terror and confusion deep into Dark Elf territory.

When at last Eltharion's army reached Naggarond, the boldest Elves clad themselves in captured garb and entered the city, opening the gates from within. The waiting High Elves poured into the city and ran riot, burning buildings and slaying all they found. It was as they prepared to fall back that disaster struck and Eltharion was wounded by the blade of a Witch Elf. He struck back beheading his attacker, but the damage was done — the envenomed sword had left its poison in his blood.

The raid had been a success and the High Elf force escaped to Ulthuan with minimal losses, but by the time they docked at ChraceEltharion was near death. The night of their return, the High Elves pitched camp near the shore, for the journey had been arduous.As Eltharion reconnoitred Grom's great horde from Tor Yvresse's walls, his grip involuntarily tightened on his Fangsword.

The city's defence against the Goblin King's instiable attentions is his sworn duty, just as it was his father's before him. But this was personal. He suddenly remembered that Grom's first invasion has caused the death of his family members, his brother grislily hacked apart by the obese goblin himself.

Today, duty and vengeance would both be accomplished.

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There would be no escape for the Paunch. Click here to add a strategy! Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Final Battle for Tor Yvresse. This article or section is a stub. This article is a stub. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History.

Navigation Main page Community portal Community discussions and projects Recent changes Random page Admin noticeboard Understanding our infoboxes. This page was last edited on 26 Mayat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Upload image. High Elves.It is the last battle in the Eye of the Vortex campaign, after a player has completed all the rituals.

It must be fought manually, as it is a quest battle. When the player faction completes their final ritual, they have five turns to accept the quest to defend The Vortex against the other ritual factions with their legendary lord's army.

The other factions will be allied against you and engage with their legendary lords' armies in gradual waves.

warhammer 2 eltharion final battle

The player will have access to the Vortical Enrichment and Vortical Blast spells, which can be infinitely used during the battle. Winning the battle will result in campaign victory for the player, while losing will end the campaign as a failure.

If an AI ritual faction completes their final ritual before the player, the player will be issued a quest to teleport and engage the enemy legendary lord's army with their own within five turns.

Eltharion final battle - what the heck?

The other AI ritual factions will be allied and join the human player in the battle with their legendary lord's armies. Winning the battle will permanently deny that AI faction from achieving Ritual Victory and the remaining factions will continue the race to control the Vortex.

Being defeated in the battle by the defending AI or letting the five turns lapse will result in failure of the campaign for the player.

At the very heart of Ulthuan, upon the Isle of the Dead, the greatest of all battles must be fought. Enemies from many realms gather, ready for war. Using power stolen from all the rituals enacted thus far, they plan to transform the Vortex into a portal and summon forth their Horned God from the Realm of Decay. The Star Crown is now re-forged and the Vortex can be saved, but first, the Skaven must be stopped - prepare for the ultimate battle!

But the Vortex is! Sons and daughters of Ulthuan, be ready to fight! Fight for your souls! Fight for your homeland! Ulthuan is defended! Despite the effort of your enemies, your will has prevailed and the Great Vortex is secured! Your triumph has ensured that no enemy can ever again threaten the great enchantment which protects the world against the forces of Chaos. Bathe in glory, even as your enemies cower. Hail to the victor! The goblet brims with the lifeforce of victims claimed by your sorcerous vassal and her assassin.

Now is the time to move on hated Ulthuan and claim the power of the Vortex! The other races sense the peril and converge to stop you! Yet the vermin have been enacting their own devious, world-shattering plot. The Vortex is your tool for ultimate vengeance, the Skaven must be stopped - prepare for the ultimate battle! Ever since the reign of Caledor, I have been deprived this, and the vermin shall not deprive me now!

I have fought with gods before, and still live. This battle is no different.Please register for Total War Access to use the forums. If you're an existing user, your forum details will be merged with Total War Access if you register with the same email or username. There are many singular mechanics with no synergy between them at all, sometimes even making each other overfluous unique buildings in each city raising the mistwalker caps by so much that the Athel Tamarha one is useless.

The worst part is what you have said, namely that the final battle is completely disconnected from the campaign itself.

warhammer 2 eltharion final battle

By turn though? I have to add however that Eltharion has really peaked that trend, his campaign is really badly though out if at all. CA created many cool things with Eltharion's campaign, but it came out half-baked.

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I don't think of myself as much of a complainer, but the way Eltharion's final battle was implemented was one of the biggest disappointments I've ever had from this game. I was expecting a bunch of greenskin doomstacks ala the Vortex to appear in Yvresse, overwhelming my walled settlements as I tried to wear them down until whatever remained threw itself at the near-impregnable defenses of Yvresse. It was one thing to learn that the final battle is only at Yvresse, but I can't think of another time where the game so casually disregards the player's campaign as when they replace Yvresse's garrison with measly half-stack and downgrade its towers to basic.

I mean, obviously that's what the fight is balanced for, but I really couldn't give a crap about defending this improperly defended fake-Yvresse that is clearly some nightmare of Eltharion's, like that one I used to get about not preparing for my college exams. Tune up the fight for the much more likely scenario that Yvresse is properly upgraded and let us face a real Waaagh! FinishingLast Registered Users Posts: 4, June Their entire campaign is about creating defenses for lands that never get attacked at all.

Really poor implementation there.

Eltharion the Grim (Yvresse) all campaign cinematic/ending warhammer 2 total war

Why station the, there and then have them flee to the ground? Harconn Registered Users Posts: Totally agreed. Wardaddy Registered Users Posts: You are not alone! Thomassini Registered Users Posts: FonRestorff Registered Users Posts: Thomassini said:.

June edited June FonRestorff said:. In my game.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. How do i win this final battle they are to strong and have so many allies???

What to Expect From Eltharion the Grim in Total War: Warhammer 2

Showing 1 - 15 of 38 comments. Derah View Profile View Posts. The irony of course, is that if you let any other race finish their fifth ritual, the roles are reversed, and the final battle is you attacking that race, with the other two who didn't finish reinforcing you. Dirtyibes View Profile View Posts. Hard battle but I done it first go with 20 stack of elite units. Pretty much, yes. Go there with anything less than top tier units and a legendary lord with all quests completed along with a well leveled hero with plenty of gear, and you're gonna get stomped.

It gets easier when you beat the first army, because then you can use the Vortex Spells every 30 seconds to deal horrible damage to the enemy, and heal your troops. I did it with kroq gar, i had 4 temple gaurd, 3 saurus warriors with sheilds, 2 chamelion skinks, 2 carnisours, 2 kroxigors, 2 horned ones, 2 solar engines, and 2 fire terradons, It was REALLY toug h but make sure you bring a tough 20 stack and spam the buffs i gives you.

Honestly, on Easy the battle wasn't that hard with a decent force for Mazdamundi.

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The key is to spam the Vortex nuke whenever possible, since it doesn't have a minimum range and can therefore wreck entire enemy armies before they even get close to you. Given the staggered release of reinforcements for the second and third armies, you can get rid of most of the infantry and bowmen before they even get remotely close to you, and thus face an effectively halved army.

The fourth army, meanwhile, is a wee bit trickier as it comes out all at once, but whacking it with the vortex nyke enough times should force somd routes before they finally reach you. Very important key: always try to position your army at the opposite end of the enemy's spawn edge.

Doing so maximizes the number of vortex nukes you get before they tarpit your best guys. I completed it! Chillwind and Flaming Skull primarily to decimate the enemy frontline once they've engaged my Black guards.

Final battle is very easy. They comes in waves, not all at once. You got free super powerful nukes, unlimited too. How did you survive the Wood Elves mini campaign against Moghur?

He has damage immunity buff and you can only attack him for 16 secs every 45 secs. Last edited by Big Boom Boom ; 3 Oct, pm. Originally posted by Big Boom Boom :.


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